6×6 – Watching the Waves Come In

This week winter entered the picture, with some dramatically cold views. In winter, there’s a heavy quality to the water, as if it, too, didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps it’s the cold temperature of the water, the way it can turn into an icy slush that moves slowly. All I know is that it is wonderfully dramatic and a great challenge.

Technical painting notes: I used a considerable amount of Liquin alkyd medium and Liquin impasto medium mixed into the paints. The more viscous quality of the paint allowed for a sumptuous, thick yet slippery quality in the paint handling. The liquidity emulates the watery subject and gives these small studies the rich surface quality of a fully developed larger paintng.

2 thoughts on “6×6 – Watching the Waves Come In

  1. They are beautiful and inspired! I get the sense that because they are so small and you call them “studies” that you are allowing yourself to be very free and to leave them alone as soon as they take on some measure of the life of the ocean, because of this they feel as spontaneous and wild as the ocean itself…Courbet’s remarkable ocean paintings from the 1860″s come to mind…A great post to enjoy on the way to my studio this morning, thank you

    • I think you are right about “sneaking up” on painting the ocean. The problem is how to allow the energy with just enough detail. I shall look up Courbet’s waves. Thank you.

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