Good Morning World

nc web TM8686 Good Morning World 36x36 oil on panel

TM8686 Good Morning World 36×36 oil on panel

Early morning is filled with promise. I watch the first glow of yellow orange hover on the horizon and wait for the pink glow to follow. Good Morning World is my homage to that moment, and to the way light can suffuse a wave. The painting is also a study in near neutrals – blue grays, green grays, hints of gray violet, and of course that soft yellow orange glow in the sky that glances off the tops of the incoming waves. It’s a gentle mood for a gentle time of day – a reward for my expectations.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning World

  1. Spectacular, serene, gorgeous!
    I’m a huge fan, is this piece in a gallery yet? Would love to see it in person. Thank you for creating such beauty!

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