Near Dawn

TM8694 Near Dawn 30x24 oil on panel

TM8694 Near Dawn 30×24 oil on panel

I love watching the glow that comes with dawn. It’s another in between – not day yet, but certainly not night. In Near Dawn I wanted to explore the mystery of the night sea contrasted with first light and the way that glow of warmth works its way down to the rolling waves. I also wanted to play with building textures and nuances into the water – unexpected bubbles to suggest that this place is very much alive, that there is much more you can’t see – might never see. And that’s ok, as long as you can acknowledge it. Enjoy.

TM8694 Near Dawn - close-up of foreground water

TM8694 Near Dawn – close-up of foreground water

4 thoughts on “Near Dawn

    • Thank you Margaret. Often the subtleties in a painting are completely lost when seen on the web. The detail shots are one way to compensate.

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