TM8712 Cresting 16x16 oil on panel

TM8712 Cresting 16×16 oil on panel

The ocean has many aspects, from calm to turbulent. Cresting embodies the quieter end of the range – the moment before the wave breaks. It also implies the ssshhhboom of crashing waves to come with the rollers lining up behind our cresting wave. Enjoy.

Technical painting notes: I took the photograph on which this painting is based some years ago. The luminosity of the  wave caught my eye, but it was the suggestion of  something sparkling inside the wave that made me want to paint it. Using monoprint techniques, I rolled some paint on the panel and spritzed it with solvents, then blotted, to get the tiny droplet effect in the lower part of the wave. I used primarily transparent oil pigments and soft brushes to layer in color.

4 thoughts on “Cresting

  1. Hello, Teri –

    You are killing me with your two most recent e-mails. “Cresting” and “From the Cape” are stunning!!!! You are amazingly talented.

    Best regards,


    • Thank you Stan. Spending time on the two coastal scenes (and thinking of seafood) definitely has me thinking about a side-trip to Rhode Island.

  2. It’s the movement you capture that does it for me. There are any number of pictures of waves cresting with the light seeping through, almost clinched, but you capture the moment with all that water sloshing around to give it a new meaning. Lovely.

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s the sloshy water – that IS the fun part. I block it in roughly with an old chip brush, let it dry, then refine it with glazes and a soft brush for modifying the edges or highlighting details.

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