Into the Woods Part 2

The new Into the Woods series continues, but on this jaunt I also came out of the woods.


Technical painting notes: When painting the 6×6’s I use a few different supports, including 140lb. and 300 lb. rag watercolor paper (sometimes hot press, sometimes cold press), 2-ply rag matboard, and even Stonehenge printing and drawing paper. I usually prime the front and back with a coat of clear shellac, though occasionally I use acrylic gesso and let the texture of the brush marks influence the look of the final painting. I use Winsor Newton Liquin as a medium, both regular and impasto.

10 thoughts on “Into the Woods Part 2

  1. Teri Though I’m relishing deep summer, I’m enjoying this work. It reminds me of a West Coast painter I’m in correspondence with, Randall Tipton – check out his blog, Painter’s Process. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 10. Ginny


  2. This style is so different from your previous work, it warrants an exploration all on its own. The freshness, light, and excitement persists throughout the series. I wold love to see you progress this into larger images.

  3. How are the new paintings priced and would the purchase of 4 reduce the prices?

    Faithfully Yours, A


    • Glad you like them Arnold. The paintings are $285.00 each, matted and ready to slip into a frame (no quantitly discounts). If there are specific titles you are interested in, you should contact Powers Gallery in Acton, Massachusetts, USA. They can help you. There’s a link to the gallery on my home page.

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