October’s Pond

TM8741 October's Pond 36x44 oil on panel

TM8741 October’s Pond 36×44 oil on panel

Red season is coming, that time when all the permutations of red make their appearance in the landscape. October’s Pond revels in some of the in-between tints – more coral than red, not pink, not orange. Of course it’s also about brilliant autumn trees reflected in a pond. It’s also about the passage of time, and about mindfulness – slowing down to absorb and enjoy color for it’s own sake, before the snows come. Enjoy. Detail below.

TM8741 October's Pond - detail from center with sunlight on reflected trees

TM8741 October’s Pond – detail from center with sunlight on reflected trees

2 thoughts on “October’s Pond

    • Thank you Kathy. This painting went through so many transitions before it was resolved – twice I approached it with a sandpaper block, ready to give up. Eventually, under dozens of glazes and plenty of thin layers applied with a roller, the color started to come together. I should have just started with my favorite shade of coral – live and learn. I guess I’ll be learning the “never give up” lesson for a long time…..

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