Early Snow

I hadn’t planned on starting any snow paintings.  It only took a couple of crisp nights to put me in the mood. I pulled out my reference binder of favorite winter photos, and from that point I couldn’t resist. Maybe it’s the look of bright white snow against the remnants of fall color, or the orange red glow of scrub growth with snow and a blue sky. The six small paintings (will it be a series?) mark my foray into winter, and my anticipation of the bracing season that waits around the corner of November. Enjoy.

Technical painting notes: The first two paintings are on a primed, rough watercolor paper. The texture of the paper strongly influences the feel of broken color.  I liked the casual effect, but wanted to try a smoother paper. The next four paintings are on smoother, acrylic gesso- primed rag paper. The smoothness allowed for finer detail. All the paintings were developed in layers, with a base layer of roughly laid in color mixed with Liquin Imasto medium. When the base was dry (usually the following day) I went back into the painting with selective knife and brushwork to bring out details. Sometimes I find the inclusion of pencil drawing at this stage, defining the image but separate from the blocks of color, enhances the overall effect and keeps the image fresh.

6 thoughts on “Early Snow

  1. Hi Teri!
    Your work is just wonderful!
    I took my first ever drawing class with you at Rivier College in Nashua many years ago and I’ve been seeing your work here and there (mostly at Powers Gallery) and enjoy seeing it very much. I love getting your blog–super pictures–and so many! You are such a hard worker!
    I’ve kept at the art game sporadically ever since and I’d just like to thank you for a stellar start.
    Best wishes,
    Wendy Prest

    • Oh Wendy,
      How great to hear from you! I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy art-making. It certainly is a wonderful way to experience the world. Our times at Rivier College were so enjoyable. Wishing you the best,

  2. Beautiful work, you inspire me so much, love your particular artistic view. Will these be archival considering that they are oil on paper? I know that you prep the paper but can they survive for any length of time?

    • They should be fine for a very long time. The paper is heavy rag paper and ph neutral, primed front and back. I mat them with a 4-ply rag mat, which keeps an air space in front of the painting. When I frame them, the materials are all archival. These are designed to last for generations, which is the best I can do.

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