Winter in the Woods

From the season of melt, a small painting of a stream in the woods as ice and snow are melting away, followed by another painting of the first heavy snowfall. Winter can be grand. Enjoy.

TM8879 WInter in the Woods #1 6x6 oil on paper

TM8879 Winter in the Woods #1 6×6 oil on paper

TM8880 White Mountains Winter #4 7x7 oil on paper

TM8880 White Mountains Winter #4 7×7 oil on paper

Technical painting notes: Both paintings are on prepared paper. The first received a coat of acrylic gesso front and back, which left thin ridges and a slippery surface – perfect for dragging a knife and layering stains of color. The second painting is on smooth paper with a coat of shellac front and back. Because the shellac soaks into the paper without leaving ridges, the surface is smoother but less slick. It takes the paint more substantively and with less accidental texture.


2 thoughts on “Winter in the Woods

  1. Hi Teri. I’ve been enjoying this winter series. I especially like the way you’ve pushed the complimentary colors in the first one. The sienna tones in the stream are like a sign of hope for the return of warmth.

    • Thanks Kathy. I want to play with using the gesso ground for more of the little paintings. The slipperiness is essential to some of the happy accidents, including the way the base layer can sneak through. Love orange against blue!

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