Strong Tides Part One

The small oil on paper paintings are the best way I know to practice improvisational painting. The inspiration can be plein air looking,  or a few photographs taken on a walk. Either way, doing the paintings as quickly as possible, and feeling free to exaggerate, pretend, make mistakes, and try again….allows the imagination to roam while being anchored to reality. While the results look good, it’s the lessons learned from the accidents and the freedom to improvise that I hope will carry over to the larger paintings.

2 thoughts on “Strong Tides Part One

  1. These are wonderful. Love the freedom in your manner of painting. I share your enthusiasm for oil on paper, too. I love the way the surface responds. It has its own particular charm. And it’s something one can pick up and just dive into — sort of an in between place between drawing and painting.

    You have a great feeling for nature. So fine that you share this sensibility with others through your art.

    • Thank you for your kind words. The small paintings always inform the larger work eventually, though sometimes I admit it takes a while. I keep doing them nevertheless. They are my most immediate response to the world, or maybe a prayer – it all depends.

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