Think Spring

TM8563 Think Spring 36×36 oil on panel

One thing leads to another, and Think Spring evolved into a cousin of Willow Weep. I began Think Spring last year, basing it on reflections of trees overhanging a shallow pond during pollen season. The sense of abstraction combined with the reality of leaf reflections was a challenge which I tackled with copious amounts of drawing then spattering to achieve a softened, pollen-like effect. After using the soft roller on Willow Weep this week, I thought the same techniques might enhance Think Spring, giving it more depth and variety of surface. I like the direction this is taking me. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8563 Think Spring 36×36 oil on panel – detail from left side with reflections – note layered spatter to suggest pollen

TM8563 Think Spring – detail from lower center with reflections under drifting duckweed and pollen

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