After the Rain Stopped

TM8971 After the Rain Stopped 36×36 oil on panel

I’ve been exploring some new techniques and approaches lately, but sometimes it’s reassuring to go back to a favorite place and simply paint what I see. After the Rain Stopped is a straightforward, if subtle, view across my favorite pond in early May. I emphasized the light, airy quality I associate with spring, along with its close tonal harmonies. A last minute addition was my  old friend the great blue heron, who stalks these waters for fish while I stalk him with my camera. We’ve known each other for years. He is truly a noble bird. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8971 After the Rain Stopped – tree detail from upper left showing use of textures and blurred edges

TM8971 After the Rain Stopped – detail from left side with great blue heron taking flight

TM8971 After the Rain Stopped – detail from right side

6 thoughts on “After the Rain Stopped

    • Thank you Aletha. I’m glad the painting brings you joy. That pond is one of my most favorite places – there’s always something wonderful to discover, whether it’s sound, smell, or sight. It’s a little piece of humble heaven.

    • Thank you, kindly. Interacting with the life around us through the pursuit of an art is so gratifying. I’m glad you enjoyed my small contribution.

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