Conifer Chorus

TM8978 Conifer Chorus 36×40 oil on panel

At the edge of any opening in the woods is a nursery – the place where young trees grab some light and grow as fast as they can. It always feel like a joyful place to me, with all the little tree limbs reaching up and shaking in the breeze. Sometimes, with the taller trees lined up behind the adolescent and baby trees, it feels like a formal chorus, with everyone lifting their spirits and swinging their limbs in song. Makes me want to sing too. And then paint. Conifer Chorus depicts such a place and moment. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8978 Conifer Chorus – detail from left side showing layered brush and roller work

TM8978 Conifer Chorus – detail from lower left with young saplings

Technical painting notes: The painting began with a roll-up of dark oil paint, which was manipulated with rags, solvents, and the use of a silicone scraper to “draw” into the wet paint. Solvent and paint were spattered into the wet surface to add color and texture. When this base layer was dry, I used soft brushes to begin painting the “negative” sky areas. Additional brush work and glazes developed the trees. Not wanting the painting to feel too stiff, I used a soft rubber roller to apply highlights and broadly define needle-laden boughs. Additional layers of loose brushwork interspersed with rolling softened some edges while continuing to describe the gestures of the trees.

4 thoughts on “Conifer Chorus

    • Thank you Margaret. It’s such a beautiful thing to see – all those young ones looking all healthy and green, doing their carbon exchange thing….

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