Conversations between Clouds and Leaves

TM8990 Conversation between Clouds and Leaves #3 7×7 oil on paper

The skies have been spectacular lately with so many spring storms moving out to sea. Every time I look up, especially through all those young green leaves, I feel compelled to paint what I’m seeing (again). That’s how a series is born, and I suspect my fascination with cumulus clouds seen through trees is still young. These five small paintings were influenced by a recent walk, with blowsy breezes and lots of freshly washed air. More below. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Conversations between Clouds and Leaves

  1. In this series you strike directly on that boundary between the realistic, painting what you see, and the abstract. It isn’t quite impressionism, but in that realm. I love these spontaneous pictures, they are fresh and unique. Best wishes!

    • Thank you for the observations, and you are right. I was aiming for an abstraction with clear references to the observed world. It’ such a fun puzzle to put together. I think the grounding in reality keeps the painting interesting, for me and hopefully the viewer. I will add the title sets the tone for the series. I wanted to keep it fun and philosophical.

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