Morning’s Poem

TM8993 Morning’s Poem 36×44 oil on panel

Morning’s Poem is a gentle meditation on pond reflections in the month of May. It is also a play between hard and soft edges, the interlacing of brush and roller work, and the precarious balance between near and far reflections. Throw in some flotsam and pollen floating on the surface, and you have the elements of a visual puzzle. I painted and repainted, glazed and rolled, looking for balance. As I worked, the painting lightened, perhaps influenced by the advent of sunny days. Those fabulous blue skies influenced the amount of blue in the painting. A few white clouds also found their way into the composition. One could say the painting is a summation of the week’s weather – cloudy, chilly, clear, then warm. That’s spring. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8993 Morning’s Poem – detail from lower center

TM8993 Morning’s Poem – detail from lower right

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