Ode to Autumn

TM9062 Ode to Autumn 42×48 oil on panel

After standing back and taking in the whole view in the last few paintings, I decided to zero in again, with a view of autumn reflections in my favorite pond. The brief presence of glorious red colors needed to be painted up close, with a fully loaded brush and roller. I quickly laid in the dark tones with the roller, then alternated careful brushwork and glazes with thin applications of rolled color. The soft effect of the subtle overlays of color described the quiet mood quite succinctly. Floating leaves, drifting by, re-enforced the flat plane of the water’s surface.

Ode to Autumn is my first 42×48″ painting on panel. The slightly off square proportion, and larger size, feels stable and draws the viewer into the scene. I felt immersed in the subject as i worked, wrapped in a world of warm color and softly lit atmosphere. Detail below. Enjoy.

TM9062 Ode to Autumn – detail from left side showing layered roller work and brushwork, scraping and glazing

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