Looking Leafy

TM9082 Looking Leafy 36×40 oil on panel

Painting all the vegetation along the pond’s edge was so much fun I decided to concentrate on more vegetation, but this time interweaving the painting with layers of contour drawing done in charcoal. It felt so liberating. I’ve always loved drawing, but letting it work somewhat independently of the color and painted shapes is a new experience – one I intend to explore further. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9082 Looking Leafy – detail from left side showing use of opaque vs. transparent pigments

TM9082 Looking Leafy – detail from left of center showing use of charcoal drawing layers between thinly rolled oil paint and layered brush work

Technical painting notes: I started the painting with a roll up of oil paint, which was manipulated with rags, a scraper, and mineral spirits. When it was dry, I started blocking in the shapes with brushes and the roller. Some of the linear drawing work was done with soft charcoal, some with a brush. I kept overlaying drawing and describing the leafy shapes, hoping to achieve a sense of movement and the elegance of the swaying and tangling leaves and vine.

3 thoughts on “Looking Leafy

  1. I love this. This is a large picture too. I don’t always notice the dimensions — I’ve got to make a point to look for them. Like you, I too love drawing, drawing into the painting — so this — ah, it’s heavenly. And the colors are gorgeous!

    • Happy New Year. I’m glad the text helps. Maybe it’s all the teaching I’ve done, but I feel the need to share details of the process, in case it might prove useful.

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