From a Winter Morning

TM9085 From a Winter Morning 42×42 oil on panel

OK. So it takes a lot longer to get ready for the outdoors in this weather, but oh, it is worth it. From a Winter Morning is my ode to winter’s palette and the way things appear and disappear with ice and snow. I was visiting my pond after the first snow, watching the water thicken before it iced up. There were still some tree reflections evident, and some branches bearing snow. Not all the leaves had fallen yet, so the reddish tones added a hint of warmth. Back at the studio I quickly set up a panel and started working, while the memories and impressions were strong. A few weeks later, it’s finished. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9085 From a Winter Morning – detail from just above center with snow and freezing leaves, reflected branches

TM9085 From a Winter Morning – detail from right side

3 thoughts on “From a Winter Morning

  1. I love winter, it’s my favourite season and I love how you have captured a crisp winter morning with these colours

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