Ode to an Early Snow

TM9089 Ode to an Early Snow 30×50 oil on panel

Some paintings seem to emerge. and it’s not until they are finished that you begin to realize what happened. Ode to an Early Snow is one of those paintings. The inspiration was a walk in the woods after an early snowfall. Leaves were still clinging to many trees, and their russet tones, framed and dusted with snow, sparkled. The weave of bare branches, provided an angular counterpoint.

I started the painting with a roll-up of black, Venetian red, and burnt sienna oil paint, which was manipulated with solvent, the roller, and scrapers. The tools provided a base for further development, with strong colors and contrast. At this point, I was reminded of Jackson Pollock’s paintings, with there all over patterns and subtle color effects. I watched the painting dry for a few days, and mulled over the next step. White and blue were necessary to set the season, so I started with a brush loaded with blue, and the rest evolved quite quickly. I soon realized that the painting was a compendium of impressions from my walk through the dense undergrowth, the lower story, of my favorite woodland park. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9089 Ode to an Early Snow – detail from right side with snow-covered branches and clinging leaves

TM9089 Ode to an Early Snow – detail from upper edge left of center with blown snow

TM9089 Ode to an Early Snow – detail from lower edge right of center showing snow-covered branches and falling snow

TM9089 Ode to an Early Snow – detail from lower left side

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