Ode to a Bamboo Grove

TM9104 Ode to a Bamboo Grove 36×48 oil on panel

I looked up bamboo in Wikipedia, and found that this versatile, woody grass could be used for construction, textiles, eaten, and even has a medicinal use. I didn’t see it listed as a subject for artists, or any mention of its calligraphic potential. And yet, bamboo has been a subject of  art for over a thousand years – infinitely interpreted and exquisitely rendered. So much history; so much intimidation! So I humbly present my own Ode to a Bamboo Grove for your perusal. Enjoy.

TM9104 Ode to a Bamboo Grove – detail from lower right

TM9104 Ode to a Bamboo Grove – detail from right of center

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Bamboo Grove

  1. I love bamboo, we have a small clump of black bamboo that looks great. It’s spreading. Your picture captures the infinite movement of the bamboo, the leaves rustle on a whisper in even the slightest breeze.

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