November’s Pond

TM9105 November’s Pond 36×36 oil on panel

I was reading somewhere that deep violet is the designer’s choice color this year. How odd. Does that mean reddish or bluish violet, or eggplant? Or does it mean the in between mauves? For this landscape artist, violet is the color of November and even winter. Being in the season, I decided to let my November pond impressions guide me toward an interpretation of this rich palette.

November’s Pond is a study of the way reflections are muted as the water develops a thin film of ice. Some of the dark forest reflections show near the top of the painting, but as the ice forms in the foreground all is muted. Occasional fallen leaves interrupt the surface, but they, too, are the softened color of late fall – reminiscent of brighter days but paled by time. The mood is quiet and reflective, like the season. Detail below. Enjoy.

TM9105 November’s Pond – detail from upper right quadrant with reflected trees and floating leaves

Technical painting notes: I used a roll-up of violet/umber oil paint as a base for this painting, using silicone scrapers to take away the paint for tree trunks and spritzing with solvent (then blotting) to interrupt the surface and create texture that might be reminiscent of the pebbly texture of some new ice. I also re-rolled some of the spritzed surface to soften the textures. When the base layer was dry, I painted the negative shapes of light, again using the roller to soften edges of the brushwork. Glazes, followed by the details of the falling leaves, brought the painting to near completion. I let it dry. Additional glazes to strengthen the blues and semi-transparent rolled color in the lights extended the value range. Adding additional leaves in a variety of close colors emphasized the surface plane of the water and increased the color range of the painting.

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