The Quarry Pond

TM9114 The Quarry Pond #1 7×7 oil on paper

TM9115 The Quarry Pond #2 7×7 oil on paper

As part of the new series painting with Corot, I’ve been revisiting and rethinking some of my favorite places, and doing more small studies. These two small paintings from a quarry in Gloucester, Massachusetts, worked mostly with a palette knife, were an attempt to see the larger masses and ignore the small details. Perhaps a roller could achieve a similar effect on a larger scale?  Enjoy.

One thought on “The Quarry Pond

  1. I missed seeing these when you originally posted them. How nice to find them now. You remind me that Corot was one of my first loves … when I first began painting. I need to look at him again. These paintings are gorgeous. Corot is, no doubt, very proud of you.

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