These Dappled Afternoons

TM9122 These Dappled Afternoons 42×48 oil on panel

It’s  early summer, the days are long, and the light is delicious as it softly filters through trees and into my favorite pond. I’ve painted this day many times. The light always seems to float above and below the water as the lilies drift on their long stem. There is movement and stillnesss in perfect balance. The abstract patterns of overhanging branches and leaves seem to underscore the fragility and impermanence of the lilies. It epitomizes both tranquility and the thrill of a visually exciting subject. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9122 These Dappled Afternoons – detail from right side

TM9122 These Dappled Afternoons – detail from upper left side

TM9122 These Dappled Afternoons – detail from lower edge with three lilies

TM9122 These Dappled Afternoons – detail from center

Technical painting notes: The painting was begun using monoprint techniques, rolling the surface of the panel with dark blue/black and blue/green oil paint, then manipulating the surface with solvents, silicone scrapers, and considerable re-rolling. Once this initial layer was dry, I applied transparent glazes to modulate the color, and then painted into the wet glaze with soft brushes to establish a stronger pattern of lights and darks. As each layer dried, I added more glazes and continued to develop the pattern of  reflected leaves and branches, using both brushes and rollers. Eventually the lilies were added to create a focus and to enhance the sense of sweep and movement in the painting. More glazes were used to adjust the colors and values.

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