And the Sun Came Out

TM9133 And the Sun Came Out 36×54 oil on panel

And the Sun Came Out is another painting inspired by the rather inconspicuous little creek that runs along the studio building. Shallow water, overhanging vines and trees, and pockets of sunlight and bright clouds reflected through gaps in the foliage set up a constantly changing, complex environment to paint. It is magnificent, in a humble sort of way. No one will ever designate it as a park or conservation site. It runs through the industrial part of town, delightfully over-grown and abandoned. I see quite a lot of wildlife along the creek, and of course me – haunting it with my camera, totally amazed by what I find. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9133 And the Sun Came Out – detail from top edge with reflected trees and overhanging vegetation

TM9133 And the Sun Came Out – detail from left side

TM9133 And the Sun Came Out – detail from upper right

Technical painting notes: I used a soft rubber roller to lay down a burnt umber and sienna layer of oil paint, which I manipulated with rags, scrapers,  and mineral spirits to set the major gestures and lines of the composition. When the base layer was dry, I layered glazes and more translucent work with the roller, mixing oil colors with Liquin Impasto medium to achieve translucency and a “rollable” consistency of paint.  Soft watercolor brushes were used to adjust and refine details. Repeated layers of glaze and detail work brought the composition to a satisfying resolution.

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