The Day After

TM9135 The Day After 42×48 oil on panel

The swells this past month were much more than impressive – overlapping waves, cross currents, and  complicated backwash – ideal for a large new panel. The Day After shows some of this activity in a composition the plays off repeating horizontals and diagonals. The swirling foam kicked up by the storm is hypnotic, while the clearing skies foretell a returning sun. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9135 The Day After – detail of wind-driven spume

TM9135 The Day After – detail from right edge with sagging wave

TM9135 The Day After – detail from lower left foreground

TM9135 The Day After – detail from left side

Technical painting notes: The painting is based on multiple photos shot the day after the storm. With the larger panel I knew I would have room to experiment with more textures in the first layer. I used raw umber, ultramarine blue, thalo blue and raw sienna in the lay-up. looking for a range of soft grays and blues with some warmth in the middle. Spattering, re-rolling, wiping away, and streaking the paint with solvent provided strong gestures of motion in the initial layer. Subsequent layering with glaze, brushwork , and thin rolls of dilute paint brought the image into focus while keeping the spirit of vigorous movement that so entranced me that first day.

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