TM9139 Translucence 30×30 oil on panel

Swept up against a warm and clearing sky, this wave shows the beginning of a turn, with slight curls and spume contrasted against the robust movement in the body of the wave. The foreground spray from backwash and wind leads the eye back up to the crest, where the cycle repeats. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9139 Translucence – detail of wave seen from below with clearing skies beyond

TM9139 Translucence – detail from cresting edge of wave showing spattered and streaked underlayer with transparent glazes and touches of opaque and semi-transparent paint

TM9139 Translucence – detail of foreground spray

Technical painting notes: To achieve the variety of spatters in the foreground, I used mineral solvent on the base layer spattering the solvent with an old chip brush then partially blotting the result. Later, when working on subsequent layers, I used the same chip brush to spatter a mixture of white oil paint and Liquin, thinned with solvent. Wanting more variety, I used a soft rubber roller to roll over the wet spatter, causing some drops to elongate and become slightly darker. Liking the results, I did it again after the previous layer was dry. A final spatter with the same white paint provided crisper dots which felt closer and in front of the deeper layers.


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