May Morning

TM9146 May Morning 36×48 oil on panel

May Morning is my homage to spring, that gentler time of year. While I was working on the painting, I was imagining sitting on the outcrop with a sketchbook and a thermos – a delightful way to enjoy the fine weather. Details below, Enjoy.

TM9146 May Morning = detail from left side

Technical painting notes: I built the painting in layers, starting with a roll-up of umber and burnt sienna oil paint, which was manipulated with rags  and mineral solvents to block in the larger forms. Spattering laid a base for the granite. Later additions, painted with a brush, dabbed, and stippled, suggested the foliage and water. I used a thin film of grey, transparent paint (rolled on) to help establish the granite. Spatter and stippling brought it into focus.

TM9146 May Morning – detail – ledge and its reflection

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