Ode to a Color Beyond

TM9159 Ode to a Color Beyond 42×48 oil on panel

Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m seeing, especially in the fall. Neon reds – crimson, fuchsia, coral, cranberry – each color singing at full strength across the meadows and woods. It’s an extravaganza for the eyes. Ode to a Color Beyond describes one of those days, with brilliant trees and a deep blue sky reflected in the pond. White clouds provide relief and balance.

As to the title, at first I thought I would title the painting “Ode to a Color Beyond Belief.” And it is still about that, but by dropping the word belief, the title broadened to include the space beyond, the idea that the color is seen in more than one place (the pond reflection, the actual trees). It also implies that the color is beyond both belief and expectations – which is true. It’s a celebration of red and a time of year and a place – and the pure joy color can deliver. Enjoy.

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