Edge of the Meadow

TM9167 Edge of the meadow – Late Summer 7×7 oil on paper

TM9168 Edge of the Meadow – June 7×7 oil on paper

I love the mundane, the easily overlooked, the ordinary, and yes, the non-view. Why? Because the more you really look at anything, including everything that is supposed to be boring or inconsequential, the more you start to see how amazing everything is. To focus is to see, and that’s what I choose to devote my life to – seeing and sharing what I see. These two meadow studies are “no place in particular.” Yet oh how lovely each place is, from the close harmonies of color to the way nature (the trees) gingerly step out toward the pasture, as if taking small steps each year will bring something closer – but what? Enjoy.


Technical painting notes: These two small oils were painted on rag paper primed front and back with clear shellac. I used primarily a palette knife and Winsor Newton’s Liquin Impasto medium to control translucency and the density of the paint.

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