Oh Happy Day

TM9195 Oh Happy Day 24×36 oil on panel

A day in the country with everything summer has to offer – bliss. Add a visit with a friend, and you have absolute bliss. It’s good to be reminded that such days can happen. Details and notes below. Enjoy.

TM9195 Oh Happy Day – detail showing use of close values to increase luniosity

TM9195 Oh Happy Day – detail showing use of brush and roller

Technical painting notes: The painting started with a roll-up of dark green and brownish oil paint onto the primed panel. I scraped and wiped into the wet paint to broadly define the values and shapes. Selective spattering with solvents and blotting allowed more “random” shapes and textures to appear. Re-rolling some of the wet areas created softly blurred shapes and textures. When this base layer was dry, I applied glazes to modulate the color, then began blocking in more clearly defined shapes and colors with the roller. Adding a bit of Liquin Impasto medium to the paint mixture before rolling it out speeds drying and adds luminosity by making the paint more transparent. As the image took shape, I switched to working with a brush to further refine some of the details. When the second day’s painting was dry, I went back, alternating between brush and roller work, plus a few final glazes to bring the painting to completion.

3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

    • Thanks Aletha. “Oh Happy Day” was in response to my students asking for a demonstration, which is why it’s a bit smaller than many of my other pieces. It provided an opportunity to show different ways of using a roller, and using various medium mixtures to control viscosity and drying. It was also fun – I’m thinking of starting more paintings based on gardens…

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