Inside Autumn – Redux

TM8422 Inside Autumn 36×36 oil on panel

The autumn months are so brilliant – neon red and yellow, bronze, crimson, every version of orange  – but they don’t last. The evidence is everywhere in the falling leaves. My favorite pond becomes a dense mat of color with reflected sky shining through.the gaps. I’ve painted this many times, and the painting Inside Autumn was among the first. It’s been through many changes since the day, years ago, when I thought it was finally finished. I’ve been working on it again, and thought it was interesting to see the way it keeps evolving. The image above (is it done yet?) has more color and light, more leaves, and I hope a unity of feeling. The image below is more somber, with fewer risks. Perhaps the changes in the painting reflect changes in me?

TM8422 Inside Autumn 36×36 oil on panel

mage below is its last iteration.

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