First Big Snowfall

TM9244 First Big Snowfall 36×40 oil on panel

The magic of winter, for me, is the way snow transforms everything. In terms of painting, the snow is graphic, much like a woodcut. Meanwhile, the exposed elements of the landscape are still fairly painterly and express depth. The collision of the graphic and the painterly produces an expressiveness that challenges. Plus all those crisp blues and violets….I can’t resist.

First Big Snowfall is from Hamlen Woods, my (nearest) favorite conservation area. The connected wetlands, creeks and ponds offer so many subjects and perspectives, and joy!  Detail below.

TM9244 First Big Snowfall – detail

4 thoughts on “First Big Snowfall

  1. Greetings! Is there a set price for Teri Malo’s 6X6 printings? And what is the cost for The Last Big Snowfall? There appears to be two offerings. As they appear in an email I am asking about the one on
    the bottom. Looks smaller.

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    • Hi Barbara,
      In answer to your questions, the 6×6″ paintings, matted and ready to frame, are 285.00 (exclusive of shipping, tax, etc.). Framed prices vary. The posting for “First Big Snowfall” shows the full painting, which measures 36×40″, at the top, and a smaller detail from the painting below (the detail is not a separate painting). My 36×40 oil paintings sell for $7000.00. If you have any other questions, I’m be happy to answer them.

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