Winter’s Creek, four studies


This week’s studies are based on a walk I took to visit one of my favorite creeks. With the sun out, is there anything better?

Technical painting notes: The studies were all done on rag paper coated with shellac, front and back, to equalize the tension. I lay down mid to dark values using Liquin as my medium on the first day, When the paint is dry (usually the following day), I develop the image, laying in lights then mid-tones.

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Creek, four studies

  1. Hi Teri,

    Thanks so much for sharing your work. I really enjoy seeing and studying it. I would also like to paint some winter woodland scenes especially with a creek. Would you mind telling me which woods this painting is from? I’m planning on going to Hamlen Woods once it snows a bit. Is this stream in the same area?

    Thanks Laurie >

    • I’m glad you are enjoying my posts. Many of the paintings and studies come from Hamlen Woods in Wayland. There is every kind of swamp, creek, stream, pond, and marsh. It is fabulous. It is mostly deciduous, with some stands of pine and hemlock. I liberties and exagerating at times, or editing out. Some of the studies, the ones that are mostly evergreen, are based more on a gorgeous creek off Interstate 93 in New Hampshire,. I think the access point I used was called “the bowl”. Some of the paintings are based on memory. I’m sure you will find much to love and paint at Hamlen Woods. Rubber boots are a plus, and be careful about ticks. I found one last week when I came home – even in January!

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