From the Victory Gardens


TM9275 From the Victory Gardens 36×72 oil on panel

The Fenway neighborhood of Boston has an urban jewel that is not often mentioned – the Victory Gardens. Begun in 1941 the gardens helped the war effort. Now they provide an oasis of greenery (flowers, herbs, some vegetables and fruits) and many  paths for delightful meandering. Although major roads circle the park, the gardens allow one to experience a different, slower pace and immerse oneself in nature. Last year, I started a series of floral and garden subjects based primarily on my daily walks through the gardens with my dog, a smallish rescue named Boo. We sniffed our way along at our own levels, sharing the best smells. I miss those walks, so I decided to recreate the feel of being out with Boo in the gardens on a 36×72″ panel. From the Victory Gardens shows a lush bank of coreopsis and hydrangea trying to escape a wire fence, all framed by a vibrant blue sky. It is supreme summer, warm and breezy. Put on your pretend hat and join us. Details below.

TM9275 From the Victory Gardens – detail from upper center

TM9275 From the Victory Gardens – detail from upper left showing use of rollers and brushwork

TM9275 From the Victory Gardens – detail from lower center (dog’e eye view)

TM9275 From the Victory Gardens – detail from lower right with blossoms and wire fence

TM9275 From the Victory Gardens – detail from lower left with coreopsis and hydrangea


Technical painting notes: From the Victory Gardens was painted primarily with rollers. I used an assortment of Speedball soft rubber rollers to build the image, starting with a base layer that ranged from black through various greens and golds. Mixing some Liquin Impasto medium into the oil paint speeds drying and translucence. The rollers can be manipulated to create various shapes by “dancing” them across the surface, allowing skips and hops. You can pick up paint on only part of the roller then roll out repeats of whatever shape the splotch creates. You can blend two colors on the roller. You can also get lovely gradations of color by rolling into wet areas of adjacent color to blend and soften edges. I used a 1/4″ Takech rubber roller for some of the line work, and a regular nylon square-tipped brush for other refinements. Painting with a roller encourages risk-taking and helps me to keep the subject fresh and lively.

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