Passing Time

SOLD TM8396 Passing Time 30×36 oil on panel

There’s a small creek that runs along the studio building – nothing much, but I’ve enjoyed walking my dogs along the parts that are free of poison ivy. We like to pause and watch the drifting leaves and occasional muskrats or ducks as they go about their business. Occasionally we’ve seen a great blue heron, it’s wings spanning the creek from bank to bank. Sometimes the reflections and light are extraordinary. Passing Time, which I began years ago, is a painting I’ve tinkered with – I work on it a bit, then put it aside, thinking it might be finished. I pulled it out again this week, and discovered there was more I could do to enhance the color and light, and especially the feeling of movement. So here it is….maybe finished? Enjoy.

TM8396 Passing Time – detail from right side of center with floating leaves and ripples

TM8396 Passing Time – detail from left side with leaves and pine needles



is an homage to our little creek, and to taking the time daily to enjoy its special offerings.

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