Winter Melts

TM9362 Winter Melts 30×36 oil on panel

It’s shortly after a heavy snowfall, but you can tell the strong sun is already starting to melt the snow with a sheen of meltwater on the cow pond. A slight wafting breeze is knocking snow from some branches. This is winter at its best, white AND warm enough to enjoy! Details below.

TM9362 Winter Melts – detail from right side with sunlight and shadows

TM9362 Winter melts – detail from upper center with snow falling from trees

TM9362 Winter Melts – detail from shadowed side




4 thoughts on “Winter Melts

  1. Hi Teri,  is any of your work available as prints? Your work is so breathtaking! thank you,  Sarah

    • Unfortunately at this time I don’t have any giclees made of my paintings…..maybe in the future. I feel that it is important to own originals and not reproductions of artwork. My little (6×6″ and 7×7″) oil paintings are at least as affordable as giclees, but they are originals, with all the subtleties intact.

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