No Rain Yet

TM9409 No Rain Yet 42×42 oil on panel

I was early for an appointment, and was sitting in my car in a small parking lot. The car faced a straggle of assorted trees in front of a small vernal pool, which was backed by a fence and someone’s backyard garden. It was late May or early June, warm, and the sky was turning that deep gray that usually forecasts a deluge. I could see the dark clouds advancing, beautifully setting off the gorgeous light of yellow green trees and  blossoming shrubs. With a few minutes left, I grabbed my camera and started shooting the view through the window. It did start to rain, and I kept shooting. The blurry view was even more interesting, The experience led to this painting, titled No Rain Yet. I may try another….details below. Enjoy.

TM9409 No Rain Yet – detail from upper center edge with brush and roller work

TM9409 No Rain Yet – detail from lower half of painting

Technical painting notes: I started this painting with a roll-up of dark green and warm umber paint, thinned with oil and applied “carelessly”  – hoping for some interesting accidents. While the paint was wet, I scraped into it to describe some of the structural branches that would form the backbone of the composition. When the base layer was dry, I continued to use the roller and some brushwork to define the scenery and vegetation. However, the more I worked, the more I realized that I was getting away from the original impression. What struck me was the light, the color, and the juxtaposition of that dark gray with the luminous spring yellow and green. The details weren’t important. I decided to obscure the details with my roller, letting s few details sneak through, but softening most of the painting. Once the “reality” was obscured, the (yes, I’m going to use the word) impression was restored. I did have to go in and add some jolts of color, and line, to make the composition flow, but now the painting had the color of the day and the blurriness of the rain. It felt right.

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