Midsummer Garden

TM9410 Midsummer Garden 36×60 oil on panel

Gardens are amazing. When I was young, the farmer next door’s wife, Mrs. Kroll, had a sumptuous, showy, flower garden running along a huge stone wall that ran nearly the length of their side yard. I was fascinated by the exotic, and HUGE, flowers. Gladioli, mammoth dahlias, sky high sunflowers, platter-like zinnias. Maybe it was all the free manure and compost. Maybe it was her diligent, daily tending. Each day she cut and tossed away the fading blossoms. We raided her floral compost pile, and what joy we had finding nearly perfect specimens to bring home. Much more exciting than the marigolds and baby’s breath, phlox and snapdragons our grandmother planted. Midsummer Garden is my ode to Mrs. Kroll’s gardening achievements – radiant sunshine and a feeling of lush summer every day. Thank you Mrs. Kroll. Details below.

TM9410 Midsummer Garden – detail showing use of line independent of shape

TM9410 Midsummer Garden – detail showing use of roller to apply paint

TM9410 Midsummer Garden – detail from upper left

TM9410 Midsummer Garden – detail from right side

TM9410 Midsummer Garden – detail from lower left edge

Technical painting notes: The initial base layer of browns and dark green oil paint was applied with a soft rubber roller. I used a scraper and paper towels to draw and blot in the forms and lights. When the base layer was dry, I used brushes and oil paint to glaze and define the subject further, then used my rollers to soften and blur edges. I rolled more layers of  semi-transparent oil paint to modulate the color and keep the effects soft, as if from memory. I was so small when I first saw Mrs. Kroll’s garden, and the flowers seemed to reach up forever, as if they could disappear into Heaven. Her yellows were the sun. At first, I had a bright blue sky behind the flowers, but it seemed too bold and heavy. When I rolled grays into the bright blues, taking down the saturation, the more neutral gray tones seemed to make the yellows sing more loudly. Go yellow!


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