Poem from a Winter Squall

TM9428 Poem for a Winter Squall 42×48 oil on panel

After a winter with almost no snow, it seems too early for spring. I’m not ready! I’m still mentally waiting for that northeaster that never arrived. This week I decided to paint the squall that never happened – a big abstract painting looking into and through shrubbery during a squall. It’s surprising how much color exists even in winter, even during a storm. My salute to the mysteries of snow and ice. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9428 Poem for a Winter Squall – detail from right side, based on ice-covered stems and branches

TM9428 Poem for a Winter Squall – detail from lower right

Technical painting notes: With such a “white” painting, much of the visual interest depends on the subtle use of warm vs. cool tones, and infinite shades of white. As I worked, especially building layers, I realized that the physical attributes of the paint were also important – it’s liquidity, depth, and surface texture. I used Liquin Impasto medium to increase translucency and speed drying. It also yields a subtle, encaustic feel to the surface.


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