Homage to Tectonic Time

TM9323 Homage to Tectonic Time 24×44 oil on panel

Going to the ends of the earth – it’s a phrase we all have heard and dreamed about. But I like to think of that phrase in terms of time as well. If the earth can seem both tiny and vast, then time, with its epochs and geological eras can also be incredibly deep. I was thinking about this while working on the painting. This easily climbed granite outcrop was once part of a chain of nearly alpine-sized mountains. And the sand and gravel at its feet?  Thousands of years of erosion and ice ages have humbled the mountain, building deep troughs of rubble. Remembering these processes as I pant is daunting. So much time, so many changes. It puts a different perspective on current events. Details below. Enjoy

TM9323 Homage to Tectonic Time – detail with quartz bands and eroding granite
TTM9323 Homage to Tectonic Time – close-up

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