Into the Woods at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

View from “Into the Woods” exhibit with “Late August Lilies” on center wall

Partial view of installation of “Into the Woods” exhibit at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary’s Linden Street Gallery, August 2020. “Stopping by the Woods” on right .

The show is up and the response is enthusiastic. On view through the end of January 2021. More information at:

2 thoughts on “Into the Woods at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. This is where I originally discovered your work. It was truly inspiring/ breathtaking/ and unexpected joy. I am an avid hiker and seeing how you transformed so many common scenes into such poetry was a delight to my soul. Ode to the frail and falling leaves, and nightfall were my absolute favorites from that show. Thank you for sharing your heart in such a public way. Keep up the amazing work!!

    • Thank you so much, Grace. There is a magic that happens in the woods, as you so well know. Something is released to the world; we only have to recognize it. Stay well.

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