A Deeper Look

TM8494 A Deeper Look 30×54 oil on panel

Some paintings provide a passage into insight. The idea of allowing more of the abstract underpainting to show through in the finished painting was one of my goals in A Deeper Look. I began the painting in my usual way, but if something interesting started to happen, I let it. As the painting progressed, I realized that I was sensing both the water and the woods – almost independently. The painting was starting to feel more like my experience of the place. It was a thrilling moment. Finishing the painting meant restraining myself from painting too much – only just enough to provide a clue or hint at what I saw. This way of working is more interesting, and allows the mysterious quality of the woods and pond to dominate. A celebration moment. By letting go, the reflection I was painting became more otherworldly. Like seeing through Alice’s looking glass, an alternative reality emerged  – one more interesting than I could have imagined. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8494 A Deeper Look – detail

TM8494 A Deeper Look – detail from left of center with reflections and duckweed in shallow water

TM8494 A Deeper Look – detail from lower right with woodland reflections

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