Fresh Snow

TM9497 Fresh Snow 30×30 oil on panel

I find myself wanting to get away from these contentious times. Wipe out the anger and frustration surrounding me, sow a bit of peace and respect across this country I so love. But first, I have to calm down, Some people pray or meditate to chase the demons. For me, painting is the best way. Fresh Snow is my most recent foray into a calmer mindset. A depiction of silence, untouched by humans (yet). Working on it, I could feel my heart rate slow, my focus improve, and a measure of peace return. It’s like magic.

I think there’s another reason for painting snow scenes. With global warming, winter is shrinking. The glory of this amazing season is disappearing. I don’t want to forget what we are losing. Winter has always been such an important part of being a New Englander. It sets the rhythm of our lives. I must paint more ways to remember it, and the special feelings it brings.

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