October’s Snowfall

TM9508 October’s Snowfall 36×40 oil on panel

We had an extra early snowstorm this past October. It was destructive, but also absolutely gorgeous. The lingering foliage, coated with snow, glowed, while the bright October light was blinding. I grabbed my cameras and made a dash for nearby woods before it could melt. It felt like walking in a cathedral of light and sparkle, absolutely heavenly, and inspiration for many months to come. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9508 October’s Snowfall – detail with snow-banked brush

TM9508 October’s Snowfall – detail from center top with snow blasted branches

October’s Snowfall – detail at wood’s edge with morning sunlight and shadow

TM9508 October’s Snowfall – detail from shadowed side

Technical painting notes: I used a soft rubber brayer to lay the first values and textures, then worked back and forth between brushwork and roller work to develop forms and layer color.


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