Summer Afternoons

TM9536 Summer Afternoons 30×80 oil on panels diptych

I always start painting with an idea, however vague, of what the painting is about. That initial idea quickly changes as the painting progresses. An accident here, overlapping colors there, the influence of whatever I saw on my way to the studio, the weather…..pretty soon the painting is a compendium of many thoughts, memories, and experiences.

Summer Afternoons is no different. It began with impressions from a nearby creek, then the influence of rain, heat and limpid humidity, which abruptly brought on luxuriant growth, which reminded me of time spent in Costa Rica and the density of the jungle…..

Paintings are like diaries. Everything we know and every experience is encoded in them. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9536 Summer Afternoons – detail from center

Technical painting notes: The painting began with a roll-up of drippy oil paint to indicate major shapes and values. When this was dry, I glazed the panels and began working up the negative spaces, then defining the foliage with semi-transparent paint applied mostly with brushes. After drying, I went back into the painting working up details and softening the edges with glazes applied with rollers. Another drying period was followed by many more applications of semi-transparent and transparent layers of glaze, with some line work between layers.

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