New England Coastlines

TM9569 New England Coastline #23 7×7 oil on paper
TM9572 Eroding Beach 7×7 oil on paper

Beaches are such ephemeral places. A few strong storms and they can shift or nearly disappear entirely. Sometimes the new view includes glimpses of the underlying bedrock, as in these two small paintings. I actually prefer the mix of ledge and sand, hard and soft for compositional reasons and because it’s simply more interesting. That ledge makes for a better bulwark against the pounding tides of the future.

2 thoughts on “New England Coastlines

  1. Your seascapes remind me of paintings by Bernard Corey (1914-2000). He was one of my father’s high school friends and neighbors. He was a member of the “plein-air” painters and considered by many as one of the last members of the Hudson River School. He spent many summers painting and exhibiting in Rockport, MA. We own two of his oils.

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