Poem for March

TM9576 Poem for March 30×30 oil on panel

Poem for March celebrates the transition from winter to earliest spring. The lake is deep, cold, and clear, and while the deciduous growth is still mostly gray, the pines are showing their first hints of fresh green. With the lengthening days, this is a season for hope, and for savoring all the little signs of life’s renewal. Enjoy. Detail below.

TM9576 Poem for March – close-up from center

Technical painting notes: The painting support is a hollow core slab with a birch veneer, which provides superior warp resistance while offering all the benefits of a traditional wood panel. I use an alkyd primer (six or seven thin coats, sanded to a velvety finish). The surface is wonderful for working with a roller, rags, brushes, etc.


2 thoughts on “Poem for March

    • Hi Barbara,
      I get the “slabs” from Maki Building Supply in Gardner, Massachusettts. Slabs are hollow core doors before the doorknob hole has been drilled. I use birch-faced because of the fine grain. Maki cuts them to various lengths for me, and in-fills the cut end. They really are great substrates. From an artist’s point of view, if you screw up you can sand the panel and start again, no throwing out failures!

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