Joyous Young Woods

TM9617 Joyous Young Woods – 36×54 oil on panel

Walking in the woods is such a joy – I try to visit a few times every week on my way to the studio. Working on paintings based on these visits is also a pleasure. It almost feels like spending time with close family since I know so many of the trees individually. Joyous Young Woods uses two approaches – painting with a brush realistically, and using assorted soft rubber rollers to apply the paint in a more gestural way. I like interweaving the two techniques to keep things loose yet familiar. SO much of what we see is really more a glance or impression, while sometimes it’s the minute details that stand out. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9617 Joyous Young Woods – detail from right side
TM9617 Joyous Young Woods – detail from upper left
TM9617 Joyous Young Woods – detail from lower center
TM9617 The Season Lingered – detail from right foreground

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