Into the Woods

TM9587 Into the Woods 7×7 oil on paper

Winter is a very abstract time – the shapes and colors of life are lost under ice and snow. I think it is this abstraction that draws me toward painting winter. I love abstract expressionism, but it isn’t innately my personality. When I choose to paint winter, I can trick my brain into thinking more abstractly. Such a treat to be able to experience that change in my way of being and seeing. I start many paintings intending them to be quite abstract, but they usually turn into some kind of view, and definitely have a sense of place. So, I keep trying.

Into the woods is clearly a place, a time, a subject. But this demure setting on a winter day in dimmed light keeps some sense of its abstract underpinnings. Often, it’s that tenuous line between abstraction and reality that is most intriguing. Enjoy.

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