The Winter Pond

TM9619 The Winter Pond 36×54 oil on panel

Some paintings are years in development. The initial idea seems like a good one, but the artist’s skills aren’t yet up to the challenge. The Winter Pond is one of those paintings. Every winter I worked on it, then got stuck. But today, I realized where it had to go, and how I might get there. I think the solution was partly in taking bigger risks, losing the brush, and embracing every rubber roller in my arsenal. The colors are based on my pond/swamp, and the gestures, but I took liberties with placement and angle of perception. Letting the abstract qualities dominate brought the painting closer to the feeling of the place and that cold time of year when there is some meltwater but still a lot of ice and snow. I also gained some insights into how I might tackle some larger paintings or diptychs……..the fun begins! Details below. Enjoy!

TM9619 The Winter Pond – detail from center
TM9619 The Winter Pond – detail from right side
TM9619 The Winter Pond – detail from left side

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