Scarlet Leaves (in progress)

Diptych Scarlet Leaves leaning against the studio wall to dry after first day of work.

Today I started work on a diptych to be titled Scarlet Leaves. I set up two tables to hold the panels, then worked with dark oil paints to establish primary forms and rhythms. I used burnt umber and black mixed with Liquin Impasto medium to speed drying. A mix of mineral spirits and stand oil loosened the paint so I could push it around. It was also used to thin the paint for spatter, then rerolling. creating textures, soft edges, and interesting accidents. it will take a few days for the surface to dry enough for the next layer of work. At this point, I have an idea of where I want the image to go, based on observations in the woods. The interesting part will be keeping the feel of what I saw, but allowing the accidents and interesting mishaps to inform the final result, bringing a sense of chance and the unexpected (which is also a part of being in the woods) to the final painting.

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